MathTools for InDesign

(In the following text MathTools refers to MathTools V2 and V3!)

MathTools adds integrated equation editing capabilities to the type composer of Adobe InDesign, InCopy and InDesign Server. Integration is seamless and tight: MathZones (=equations) are text and therefore instantly affected by InDesign's styling features. Math Styles are added and applied as needed to get the desired formatting for expressions like fractions.


  1. MathTools PRO: Add, edit, format MathZones(=equations) directly in Adobe InDesign; import and export MathZones along with various formats; adjust formatting, line breaking, fonts.
  2. MathTools Enterprise (EE): adds automation capabilities and support for Adobe InDesignServer to PRO.

For further details see the respective product pages below.


Technical Details:

MathTools is not an application that runs on its own. Instead, it comes as Plug-In for the Adobe InDesign product family and needs to be installed into the corresponding Plug-Ins folder (see Installation Guide). Note: Plug-Ins must always match the InDesign version. Therefore, matching MathTools builds are available for those InDesign versions it supports: see MathTools builds.

Compatibility Matrix

InDesign Version MathTools Version
2020 V3
CC 2019 V3
CC 2018 V3
CC 2017 V3
CC 2015 V3
CC 2014  V3
CS6 V3
CS5.5 / CS5



As MathTools is a Plug-In to the Adobe InDesign product family, it shares technical requirements and limitations of the matching versions of InDesign. Generally speaking, if InDesign works, it is most likely that MathTools for that very version of InDesign will work, too.

Important Note: MathTools may add MathZones and MathStyles to InDesign documents which - by design (of InDesign) - results in a Plug-In dependency. If InDesign requires MathTools in order to open a document, installing a free MathTools READER solves that issue and avoids loosing all MathStyles and equations. 

Key features (V3)

  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Math Styles
  • Math Toolbox
    • Palettes with Icons to enter Expressions and Symbols
    • Custom Palettes
    • Actions to assign Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Popup menu assignable to a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Improved EPUB/HTML + MathML exports; no extensions needed anymore
  • EPUB/HTML + Equation Images export
  • Supports Exports for entire Books
  • Improved Word docx equation import; added support for Equation Builder
  • Improved InCopy support
  • Improved MathZone Textframes
  • Adjust Leading to MathZone

Key features (V2)

  • Equations are type composed by InDesign. No inline images!
  • Math Styles (user defined) determine appearance of expressions
  • Integrated MathML support
    • EPUB with MathML
    • HTML with MathML
    • XML + MathML
    • IDML + MathML
  • Imports equations from Word documents
  • Converts placed equation EPS
  • Enterprise Edition: adds scripting and InDesignServer support
  • Works with PDF, Fixed Layout EPUB, Folios.

Licensing Terms (V2+V3)

  • Expires after either 1year or 3 months (depends on license bought)
  • Node-locked to a single installation of MathTools
  • Internet access required for initial activation and frequent activation status verification
  • Remote access prohibted

License Types (V2+V3)

  • SEAT: only for installations into Adobe InDesign / InCopy
    • can't be combined with Virtualised Systems or Terminal Server kind of installations
    • concurrent use not allowed
  • SERVER: only for installations into Adobe InDesignServer
  • TERMINAL SERVER / VIRTUALIZATION: Floating License required ... this is in preparation, but not yet available

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Seemlessly integrated Equation Editor for Adobe InDesign product family. 

MathTools PRO is available for either Adobe InDesign/InCopy

  • CC (Creative Cloud), or,
  • CS6, or,
  • CS5.5, or,
  • CS5

Please checkout compatibilitt matrix: MathTools PRO

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Enterprise Edition; adds automation support to MathTools PRO for InDesign product family in order to integrate with custom workflows.


This product is for InDesign (workstation)

To request a quote for a license for MathTools EE for InDesign Server use Contact.


Looking to purchase InDesign MathTools EE for InDesign CC? Now available at

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